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Millets are gathering of little grained cereal food crops which are profoundly nutritious and are developed under minimal/low prolific soils with extremely low data sources like manures and pesticides. These yields generally add to food and wholesome security of the country. The vast majority of millet crops are local of India and are prevalently referred to as Nutri-cereals as they give a large portion of the supplements needed for ordinary working of human body. Millets are downpour taken care of harvests and are developed in areas with low precipitation and along these lines continue more noteworthy significance for supported agribusiness and food security. In light of region developed and its grain size the millets are named significant millet and minor millets. The significant millets incorporate sorghum (jowar) and pearl millet (bajra). The finger millet (ragi/mandua), foxtail millet (kangni/Italian millet), little millet (kutki), kodo millet, farm millet (sawan/jhangora), proso millet (cheena/normal millet), and earthy colored top millet (korale) are classified under minor millets. This load of millets have more limited developing length complete their life cycle in 2-4 months, fit wide scope of editing frameworks and furthermore adjust to the changing natural conditions particularly during impulses of rainstorm.

Millets are sometimes referred to as famine crops since they are the only crops that assure yields in famine situations. Earlier, these crops were also called as orphan crops since they are the last option for cultivation as they have less demand in the market and profits earned are also lower than other crops. However, these neglected crops are important by virtue of their contribution to the means of livelihood, food and nutritional security of the poor in various parts of the world and they diversify our food basket. Before getting to more about the utility of millets and the story of their domestication, let us know briefly about each of the common millets grown today.

Millets are in some cases referred to as starvation crops since they are the solitary harvests that guarantee yields in starvation circumstances. Prior, these harvests were additionally called as vagrant yields since they are the last choice for development as they have less interest on the lookout and benefits procured are likewise lower than different harvests. However, these dismissed yields are significant by uprightness of their commitment to the method for occupation, food and wholesome security of the poor in different pieces of the world and they broaden our food bin. Prior to getting to additional about the utility of millets and the narrative of their taming, let us think momentarily about every one of the normal millets developed today.

About 45% Of Agricultural Produce is Wasted in India Every Year! Why?

The plan to assemble a versatile plan of action that tends to current agri-showcasing holes, developed during one of our visits to our family agrarian ranch. Ranchers are discarding their homestead produce because of falling business sector costs which was not in any event, getting them the transportation cost to the market.

This incited us to investigate the holes in farming advertising through broad on-ground research. We set up AMR Agro Food varieties to handle these holes in the market through a multi-pronged methodology.

Our vision in to assemble a feasible plan of action that helps ranchers and simultaneously addresses showcasing holes on the lookout.




Mallikarjun Reddy, an experienced Farmer, International Trade Management and Supply Chain Management with an M.B.A from Indian School of Business Management is the founder of AMR Agro Foods India Pvt.Ltd. With several year's experience in the corporate business world, he and his entire family belongs to and involved in Cultivating Agriculture, he has led independent agri-research projects and has been consistently working to address agricultural marketing gaps in the market.Using his expertise in Farming, he provided a predictive model for Millets and Pulses, Oils harvesting.As founder of AMR Agro Foods, he provides post-harvest solutions for millets and Pulses, Oils products.

SATYA AKASH - co-Founder

Satya Akash is the co-founder of AMR Agro Foods India Pvt.Ltd. He is a CA from India Institute of Chartered Accountant. With over 10 year's industrial experience, he is a subject matter expert on Marketing and food processing.

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